My Quilting Story

I started sewing when I bought my first sewing machine at age of 12. By my late teens I learned to sew custom clothing and draft my own patterns from measurements. Then I decided to make a quilt! I did not know what quilting was and we did not have online sources that time. So I figured out what ever I could by myself. It was nothing fancy, just a basic scrap quilt with a big heart applique.

Time went by and there were no more quilts until….In august 2015 we went to the Fergus Scottish Festival where I saw a group of amazing ladies who were hand quilting together.

IraRott Quilting Journey

I asked to join them to try hand quilting & to my surprize they let me work with them. Oh, it brought back so many memories & there was another BEGINNING (in 17-18 years after I made my first quilt)!

IraRott Quilting Journey IraRott Quilting Journey

…When I came home, first thing I did was order my quilting supplies!!! 

IraRott Quilting Journey

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I am a fiber artist and a pattern designer from Southern Ontario, Canada. I love working with fabrics and yarns to express my ideas. Crocheting, sewing, knitting, quilting - is my happy place.

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