At we test patterns to make sure you get the highest quality of design. If you would like to volunteer for testing IraRott® Quilting & Sewing patterns, please tell us about yourself by filling out the application below. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation of your acceptance by email with further instructions.

NOTE: You are required to have a Facebook account for pattern testing to be able to join the group. This application will be opened occasionally when we need additional testers.

[contact-form to=”” subject=”Quilting and Sewing Pattern Testing”][contact-field label=”First Name and Last Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Your Facebook profile name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Your Instagram name” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Where can we see examples of your work? ” type=”text”][contact-field label=”What sewing / quilting machine do you use?” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Tell us more about you: When did you learn sewing & quilting, why do you like it…and anything else you wish to add?” type=”textarea” required=”1″][contact-field label=”TESTING REQUIREMENTS – check mark if you agree” type=”checkbox-multiple” options=”Follow our guidelines and rules for pattern testing,Use sewing machine,Use printer,Use imperial measurements,Read in English”][contact-field label=”I give my permission to IraRott Inc. to use any of my photos after testing for Facebook or other social media posts by IraRott Inc.” type=”radio” required=”1″ options=”Yes,No,Contact me before posting”][contact-field label=” I understand that there is no monetary compensation for pattern testing” type=”checkbox” required=”1″][/contact-form]