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2018 Quilting Year in Review

What an exciting year it has been! I have finished more quilts in 2018 than ever…of course, with the help of my lovely BERNINA Q20 longarm that arrived in April. This machine is definitely the best thing I ever had. My stitch counter is currently at 1,641,772…OMG that’s over 1.5 million stitches in 8 months of fun quilting time!

Comfort Quilts

Here are 9 comfort quilts that I finished for Chatham-Kent Quilters’ Guild this year. Most of these quilt tops were pieced by the guild members and I just had a blast quilting them. I love teamwork!

My Quilting Patterns

I never thought that designing my own quilting patterns would be so much fun…even though, I have designed hundreds of crochet & knitting patterns over past years. Here are a few quilting patterns I released in 2018…I can’t wait to finish more in 2019:

IraRott NEW Quilting Patterns - 2018
My Quilting Patterns on Etsy

Other Projects…

Finally, here are a few more projects that I finished this year:

  • Dogs In Sweaters Quilt – I made it for our youngest daughter who just turned 16 this year, you can find more photos and a story HERE.
  • Panel Quilt – This is something new to me and I really like how this quilt turned out. Made for a special little person from our neighbourhood. More photos are on my Facebook page.
  • Animal Quilt – Well, I finished this quilt in January 2018 for my first nephew Martin, but unfortunately I am not able to show it just yet…until it’s received. So I had to blur out the picture for now.
  • Bjorn Bear Quilt – This beauty has just left my longarm. More pictures coming soon, I promise!

If you would like to check out my Knit & Crochet year in review, jump over to my other BLOG.

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Happy New Years!

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