My New Bernina Q20 Longarm

What an exciting week it was! On Monday, my new girl BERNINA Q20 has arrived. This delivery was huge (I am not kidding), a  320 lb skid full of boxes!


BERNINA longarm quilting machines (Q20 & Q24) are manufactured in Switzerland by a single person from start to finish, they don’t even touch a conveyor belt. Check out this video below to see the process of assembly, it’s amazing!

Since I am currently limited on space, I decided to go with a sit-down cabinet version instead of a frame-based version. I like the fact that it can be upgraded it in the future, however, I simply adore this premium crafted table by Koala Studios (fine sewing furniture custom built in America), designed specifically for BERNINA Q 20. This white cabinet is beautiful, heavy, and super steady. I love the rounded corners and overall gorgeous finish. There is a lot of storage space under the desk extensions and it also has 2 built in magnetic cushions located on each side of the bobbin area. The expanded table size is 36″ X 77″ – a perfect fit for my Quilting / Photo Studio.

Unlike other mid-arm sit down quilting machines, BERNINA Q 20 has a big 20″ throat space and 2 integrated stitch regulators (BSR), one on each side of the stitch hole in the needle plate. Stitch regulating modes make stitches even and consistent. BSR mode 1 is great for free motion quilting, BSR mode 2 is for quilting with rulers, and BSR mode 3 provides a perfectly tensioned basting stitch. There is also a manual mode, of course.

50 LED lights brightly illuminate my stitching area, I can’t express how much I love them, it makes it so easy to quilt in the evenings after work.

Oh, and I sure love treats…these beautiful cones of 50 weight thread came along with my machine, how sweet!

Impressive facts about BERNINA Q 20:

  • Throat space – 20” length X 11” height.
  • Two integrated BERNINA stitch regulators (BSR).
  • Three BSR modes + Manual mode.
  • The threading path is simple to follow and easy to reach.
  • Semi-automatic needle threader.
  • Compatible with domestic machine needles, easy to insert with correct positioning.
  • Compatible with twin needle.
  • Hand wheel is located on the front of the machine, easy to reach.
  • Programmable foot control.
  • Digital upper thread tension control, easy to adjust on screen.
  • High speed capacity – 2200 stitches per minute (SPM).
  • Presser foot is compatible with the full range of BERNINA Free-motion presser feet.

They say practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep practicing…there are never too many placemats in our house!

My current goal is to improve scaling – Think BIG!

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