Non-Slip Grips For Quilting Rulers

I could barely hold in all my excitement when my BERNINA rulers & adjustable ruler foot arrived last week. The ruler kit for sit-down BERNINA Q20 includes a Mini Straight Line Ruler, a Squiggle, a Mini 4-in-1 Ruler, Nested Mini Ovals, and Nested Mini Circles. These rulers are easy to use and they make a great starting kit for beginners.

Bernina Rulers and Ruler Foot Bernina Quilting Rulers Kit

From my past experience, a non-slip grip makes quilting with rulers much easier as it prevents rulers from sliding. There are many options on the market, but  I could not wait another day, so I made the grips by myself using a non-slip shelf liner and a double sided tape (you can find them in any local Walmart). The 12 In. x 10 Ft. roll of Duck Select Grip Shelf Liner will last forever and it’s super cheap as well.

Grips For Quilting Rulers

To make your own ruler grips, cut a long strip from the Shelf Liner to the same width as your double sided Scotch Tape and then subcut this strip into smaller rectangles or squares. Stick these pieces onto the bottom side of the Scotch tape; cut the tape along the edge of the grip; peel the paper side to expose adhesive and attach it onto the back side of the ruler. Use at least 2 grips for each quilting ruler.

Grips For Quilting Rulers Grips For Quilting Rulers

All done, enjoy the grip!

Quilting With Rulers Quilting With Rulers

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