Half Hexagon and Triangle Templates

Adapting Rulers For Trapezoid And Triangle Templates

If a pattern comes with printable isosceles trapezoid / triangle templates that have trimmed corners, you might wonder if it's possible to cut them using a ruler...as we all know that cutting with rulers is faster, more...

Comfort Quilt

2018 Quilting Year in Review

What an exciting year it has been! I have finished more quilts in 2018 than ever...of course, with the help of my lovely BERNINA Q20 longarm that arrived in April. This machine is definitely the best thing I ever had. My...

Binding 120 Degree Corners

Binding 120 Degree Corners

Just like for binding regular 90 degree corners, you will need to use straight grain fabric strips for binding 120 degree corners. The entire binding can be done by sewing machine - super FAST & EASY!